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Large-size fiberglass articles

Products of plastic and rubber


 Chimney shafts

Gas exhaust chimney shafts are utilized in the extraction of smoke, contaminated air and corrosive gases in commercial plants, boiler houses and TPP.

 Capacitive equipment

Fiberglass containers, chemically resistant reservoirs made of fiberglass-based com-posite materials, plastic filters designed for storage and transportation of various sub-stances.

 Pipeline systems

The use of fiberglass pipes gives a tremendous effect in comparison with analogous pipes of other materials. They are characterized by strength, smaller weight, high heat-resistance, longer operation life, etc.

 Volume-modular constructions

Volume-modular constructions of composite materials, protecting coats, production of coats, radomes.

 Other products

Polyethylene products, telephone boxes (semi-boxes), railway crossing covering, auto-mobile floor mats, seals.

 Advantages of composite materials

The main advantages of composite materials



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