Crossing coverings for railway crossings

Монтаж настила из резиновых плит типа "сэндвич" на железнодорожных и трамвайных переездах

Crossing coverings made of rubber slabs of “sandwich” type are used for arrangement of railway and tram crossings with the rails Р-65 on the basis of wooden or concrete sleep-ers in the places of highway and railway crossing at grade at an angle of 60 degrees.

Монтаж настила железнодорожного переезда

A crossing covering is a modular construction that affords to mount the coverings of any width in increments of 0,54 m on highways of all categories and it corresponds to the Rules for technical operation of railways in RF, Operating instruction for railway cross-ings JSC Russian railways, Traffic regulations and also to Construction regulations (СНиП 2.05.02-85). A special feature of this construction is that its inner slabs consist of three parts: upper, lower and connecting slabs.

It gives the possibility to decrease labour intensiveness and to speed up the operations of mounting and dismounting of the covering during the routine maintenance of railways in the crossing zone.

The construction of the covering affords to carry out normal (without adjustment) mounting on straight and curved (R›1200v) sections of railroads with the diagram of 1840 sleepers/km. The approach of the highway in the longitudinal profile shouldn’t exceed 30% at the distance of 50 m from the extreme rail. The road width shouldn’t be less than 6 m.

Резиновая плита наружняя

Operating conditions

• operating temperature range is from -40°C to +60°C;

• maximum safe load of transport wheels is not less than 4,5 tons / a single wheel (or 22 tons of the 4 wheel axis);

• actual service life is not less than 15 years.

Резиновая плита внутренняя

Preparatory works

Works on preparing the section of the railway and highway in the crossing area before the mounting of the covering are made in the order and in the amount, stipulated by the instruction on mounting of the covering made of rubber slabs.

JSC Avangard serially manufactures high quality rubber shock absorbing under-rail linings ЦП-143, ЦП-328.

These articles meet the requirements of JSC Russian railways and have conformance certificates.

The instruction on mounting, putting into service, adjustment and running-in of the rubber covering for the railway crossing.