Automobile floor mats

Автомобильные коврики

Purpose: automobile floor mats are meant for exploitation in any weather. They are de-signed for protection of the passenger compartment against dirtying and ingress of mois-ture on metal parts of the car body, which prevents corrosion and makes the passenger compartment cleaning considerably easier. These articles are universal and they are suit-able for all domestic makes of cars. Rubber automobile mats are produced of various sizes, forms and types that allows to use them for cars of foreign manufacturers.

It is possible to produce the automobile floor mats of any configuration and to adjust their sizes to any make of car.

Автомобильные коврики

The material is high quality, wear-resistant, oil-and-petrol resistant, rubber compound, which doesn’t emit any detrimental smells.

Material hardness is 50 - 70 standard units (Shore A)

Exploitation temperature is from –40°C to + 50°C

Automobile floor mats which are in great demand among the customers: Premier, Glo-ria, Meridian, Meridian-L, Mustang.

Automobile floor mats manufactured by JSC Avangard will keep the passenger com-partment of your automobile clean, increase comfort and create additional sound insulation.