Industrial chimney shafts

Purpose: Industrial chimney shafts are designed for the extraction of smoke, contami-nated air and corrosive gases (for instance, on the aggregates for sulfuric acid regenera-tion) at temperatures of up to 300 °С. Flare stacks production for oil refineries is also possible.

Chimney shafts at industrial plants, boiler houses and TPP can be produced in 3 vari-ants:

  • in a metal frame;
  • self-supporting structure;
  • inside of a concrete chimney shaft.

internal chimney shaft size from 400 to 8000 mm;

a single section length up to 8000 mm;

chimney shaft height up to 250 m.

The use of fiberglass pipes gives a tremendous effect in comparison with analogous metal pipes:

  • operation life of the gas duct without complete overhaul is about 50 years, which is 2,5-3,0 times longer than metal pipes have;
  • low density of fiberglass plastic and high quality of constructions give the possibility to simplify installation and considerably shorten its duration;
  • absence of corrosive processes under any conditions and with all types of fuel;
  • excludes the necessity of annual cleaning of convective part of tanks to remove cor-rosion products crumbling away from the inner surface of the metal gas duct;
  • Absence of necessity to establish a funnel in the lower part of the gas duct for gather-ing corrosion products improves productivity of boiler equipment;
  • Complete moisture resistance and gas tightness, low thermal conductivity of the ma-terial allow to shorten exploitation expenses due to the increase of the period between the renewals of the outer surface coloring in comparison with metal pipes.

Chimney shafts made of composite materials are successfully exploited in many sites of Russia and CIS and have acquired a reputation as the most reliable and beneficial in comparison with metal gas ducts.

JSC Avangard has extensive experience in production and operation of fiberglass chimney shafts since 1974 and it is the only certified and specialized manufacturer in Russia.

The construction of fiberglass chimney shafts is constantly improved. All latest achievements in the sphere of composite materials, resins, equipment and engineering processes are taken into account. Annual examinations prove reliability of pipes made of composite materials during their long-term operation.